All wraps are sold in pairs and are one size fits all!

Our BLAZE wraps are made of soft genuine leather, which creates a high level of support and durability without restricting comfort and flexibility of the wrist. These wraps provide the most support during heavy weightlifting movements but are comfortable enough to wear during high repetition gymnastics movements. Due to the durability of the leather, these wraps will last years of daily use with proper use and care.


All of our wraps are made to be worn during your entire workout. Support is only applied once you need it, allowing for greater comfort and ease of use. No more feeling like your hands are falling asleep during a workout because you put your wraps on too tight and no more rewrapping in between each set. Buckle them up and forget about them!


NOTE: These Wraps can be worn immediately, but will break in more over time and form to fit your wrist.

Blaze Wraps

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