Our Ghost Belt is back and better than ever!


Here are some of the improvements we made to our R2 line of belts:


  • Closer hole spacing for finer tightness adjustments and more holes punched to ensure a great fit while going up and down weight classes


  • Suede interior for more comfort, especially when wearing the belt under a shirt


  • Smaller buckle to help avoid the barbell and buckle ever making contact during a lift


  • Sleek new design with minimal branding



Here are some of the same great features that we kept from our previous version:


  • Premium quality top grain leather


  • Stainless steel buckle, with a seamless roller


  • Our signature dual taper design for maximum support and comfort needed for Olympic weightlifting:
    • 2" in width on the front
    • 4" in width on the back
    • 10mm thickness in the back
    • 5mm thickness in the front

Ghost Belt R2

SKU: 0011